Lori L. Maul is our sweater designer and maker and also owns the shop.  Lori graduated from the University of Washington with a focus on textiles and art and has been knitting since age 13.

All of her designs are original and are made with high quality natural fibers.  She enjoys the color and texture of the knitted fabric and uses simple stitches to creature her knitwear.  Classic in design, these garments are easily wearable and made to be enjoyed for years.

We are delighted to feature the work of internationally known fiber artist and designer, Anita Luvera Mayer.  Anita was born in Anacortes and has traveled extensively researching and collecting textiles which influence and inspire her work.   In this collection, you will find unique jackets, vests, scarves, robes and kimonos made from her handwoven and hand-dyed fabrics.  Her her signature color work and rich hand embroidery, beading, and couched cord embellishments grace all garments. 

The shop features an annual trunk shows in April with a small showing of garments throughout the year.  Ms. Luvera Mayer's work is shown exclusively through Classic Style and Company.  Visit her website at https://anitaluveramayer.com/  

Emily McNeil

By Hand

Doe Hubbard - Baby Knitwear

Gayle Johnson - Handbags

Carol Rodgers - Crochet for Babies

Joanne Deckwa - Beaded Bracelets

Jane Fleshman is from La Conner and became passionate about beading after retirement. Jane creates ornate, one-of-a-kind bead embroidered cuffs, neck pieces and collars.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Jane finds inspiration in the beauty she sees all around her. Jane's award winning work utilizes natural elements: stone, shell, wood, feather, as well as vintage and recycled buttons, beads, fabric, and costume jewelry.

Jane Fleshman

Namaste may have inspired the term “globetrotter”. She was born in Germany, raised in Sweden and Spain, spent a decade in the Caribbean, and now finds herself very much at home in the Pacific Northwest. Having had the privilege of experiencing so many diverse places, people, and cultures, Namaste has become a deeply reverent resident of our planet.

Accompanying Namaste throughout her travels is her love of art. She explored photography, painting, sculpting, fashion design, and pottery before fiber emerged as her medium of choice. Her current collection consists of shawls, scarves, tunics, and capelets, from summery light and fluid to elegant winter weights.

Each piece is a celebration of feminine beauty.

Lori L. Maul

Patti Barker

Sheila began weaving seriously when she moved full-time to Lopez Island in 1999.  Having lived 3 years in Japan as a teen and traveled there extensively as a flight attendant for United Airlines, her aesthetic expanded with use of indigo and natural dyes, sashiko stitching, shibori resists, and a sense of wabi sabi.  Using soft wools, loopy mohairs, rayons, cotton and silk, she plays with color and creates soft garments of timeless design.

Sheila spends winter months in India with her husband and especially enjoys meeting fellow artisans around the world.  Visit her website at https://www.sheilametcalf.com/

Patti is an award-winning nuno felt wear designer and teacher.  From the very beginning, the process of transforming wisps of wool and silk into felted cloth struck her as magical.  Patti hand-dyes almost every element used in her work and her designs are the result of many hours of experimentation.

If a woman feels a bit more playful or beautiful while adorned with her work, then she feels she has succeeded. Patti lives as works in Friday Harbor, WA.

Anita Luvera Mayer

Art by Namaste

Emily fell in love with the stuff of art -- color, texture, light -- as a child, but didn't discover an outlet for this passion until learning how to knit as an adult. Decades of living in New York City led to an ongoing desire to soften a world of concrete and glass with delicate, feminine lace. Now, having resettled on beautiful Fidalgo Island, Emily finds inspiration in the salty air, sunsets at Washington Park, and the places along the shore where land and water meet.

Emily's work ranges from everyday and fancier cowls, shawls and wraps to wedding-oriented beaded lace shawls and chuppahs. 

Mel Williams - Jewelry

Sarah Padgham - Millinery

Pandemonium - Millinery

Sheila Metcalf

Classic Style and Company features clothing and accessories made "by hand" along with the ready-made collections - a fairly unique feature in today's world.  Our artisans and designers are local professionals, using high quality materials, and time honored as well as innovative techniques.  We hope you will come, enjoy, learn, and find out what makes handmade, one-of-a-kind, and art to wear so special. 

Let us introduce you to our artists: